17th International Conference on
Physics of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures (PLMCN17)


March 28 - March 31, 2016
Todaiji Temple Cultural Center, Nara, Japan

Social Program
The banquet will be held in a restaurant (named Half time), located near the conference venue. You can enjoy exchanges between conference attendees whilst enjoying foods and drinks including Japanese sake (Japanese rice wine), which some say was invented in the Nara region. We will prepare a variety of sake such that you can enjoy comparing their tastes.

Restaurant Half time

We are preparing an excursion trip for enhancing exchanges among conference attendees. The following is a tentative plan, the details of which could be modified later (including visiting places). The final version will be uploaded soon.

Tentative itinerary
The tour will start with O-miwa shrine, where a Japanese sake deity (Omononushi-no-Okami) is enshrined. Then, we will visit a sake brewery (Imanishi-shuzo), where you can enjoy tasting as well as learning how to make sake. Finally, we will drive to Hasedera temple, where you will find beautiful scenery together with a number of historically-important Buddha statues.
[ Download excursion itinerary (tentative)]

O-miwa shrine


Hasedera Temple
Part of pictures are porived by Nara Visitors Bureau.